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the day I stop learning…

Live everyday with purpose of learning something new.
Evan Carmichael

I try and learn something new EVERY day.  With the internet at my fingertips this is pretty easy.  I took my QuickBooks classes online.  I’ve taken social media classes online.  I’ve brushed up on my accounting terminology online.  I am not sure why people complain about taking classes when most of them can be taken in the comfort of one’s home in one’s pjs.

Once you start surfing the web, it’s pretty easy to get sucked into various time sinks.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc… While they are necessary evils for small business, you have to just back away sometimes in the interest of getting things done.

During the week I nanny.  Watching kids is a great lesson in time management.  When the kid is napping, I had better be doing something productive if there are items lingering on my to-do list.

Last week I learned all about QuickBooks 2013 and I took the certification exam.  This weekend I brushed up on my web design skills.  This week, I will start taking the Quickbooks advanced certification class and finish cleaning up the two web sites I built.

So you want to start a small business…

Earlier this year, I was in a situation where I literally started a business in 2 days.  After finding out that I was about to have a severe reduction in hours at my contract seamstress job, I managed to make the following things happen:

A business name: Clothing Hospital – I needed to make it crystal clear to people that I was there for fixing/mending/altering their clothes.  I was not there to make things from scratch.

A logo: My logo depicts exactly what my business does.

logo for Clothing Hospital

A location:  I couldn’t run this out of my home.  Luckily I have friends that are kind enough to let me work out of their space. [Thank you April at Fabricker]

A phone number: you really don’t want to use your personal number for your business.  With tools like Google Voice, you don’t need to.

Business cards:  I made a small batch of cards on my home printer until I could place an order.

Web site:  Sadly, the url I wanted was taken. Since I was low on time, I decided to add a page for the store front to my existing web portfolio.

Social Media: as much as I dislike having to keep an eye on all of this stuff, maintaining a Facebook and Twitter presence is a necessary evil.

DBA:  I was already listed as a sole-proprieter in Travis County with a DBA of Spinsta, but I went ahead and filed this one too.

Sales Tax:  Because of my other business venture, I already had a permit.

Marketing:  Having worked in the industry before, I went through my existing client list, and sent out a targeted message to all the businesses that had sent me referrals.

I did all of this in two days.  I got a text about the downsizing on Wednesday, and Saturday I was in my new space.