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How to change things when change is hard

I just finished “Switch: How to change things when change is hard”, by Chip and Dan Heath.  I loved their first book “Made to Stick” and decided why not spend my mini break (and sadly the month after) reading their book on change. I am that girl who writes notes in books.  Now that I […]

Lemonade Stand

So, you have a great product idea.  You decide you want to make your millions on this product. Can you really make millions on this product? My last post was about planning with the end in mind.  I’ve recently sat down with a freelancer, and two small businesses to discuss job costing.  I know that […]

Read your bank statements

I know it’s a chore, but it’s a good practice to reconcile your bank and credit card statements on a monthly basis.  Debit/credit cards and online transactions make life a little easier, but they  make it easier for you to lose track of expenses and they are often a target for theft and fraud.