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National independent retailers week

So I am working on this whole “starting my own business” thing. Super easy but slightly risky. Lucky for me I have my dad and a good financial advisor to keep me informed.

So what did I learn this week?

  • So many business related things. The Small Business Advisor Guide is now on my to read list.
  • I attended more EPA Quality Assurance training. My co-workers think that I am crazy for being interested in this stuff but it makes sense to start a project with the end goal in mind and an idea of how to get there. Otherwise you are just wandering around aimlessly.
  • I saw A Scanner Darkly. My friend’s husband convinced us to see it instead of Superman. I was willing to go because I missed it during SXSW (I was painting my kitchen cabinets). Well worth the wait. Normally I am not really into the sci-fi stuff. Gov’t conspiracies on the other hand are totally my thing.


  • This old house: I have an ant problem. Sugar ants are loving my house. I had been managing to control them with homemade bait (cornsyrup and boric acid). But they managed to prevail. They made their way to the pantry. I ended up removing the entire contents of the pantry to see if there might be something stuck to the shelf that might be attracting them. There wasn’t anything. I did find that there was black mold growing on the top shelf. Apparently there was a leak up there which caused a ring of mold. I have no clue how long that was up there. So, I ended up removing all of the shelves (if I have to replace one, I should replace them all). I scrubbed the walls with oxyclean and left it to dry. The pantry (and the kitchen) should be painted before I replace the shelving). Until then the pantry items have been relocated to other parts of the house.
  • Sewing: I made a sundress and a skirt for myself. I had a gap between projects. Now I am back to those breeder bags.

National Creative Frugality Week

It is totally my week. And as a special thank you to my dollar stretching, I have been rewarded with the Hancock Fabrics 50% off notion sale on Friday-Saturday. I will be roaming the store Supermarket Sweep style collecting notions which will hold me until the next sale in July or August).

So, what did I learn this past week?

  • I discovered a really cool band called Whole Wheat Bread. I saw them before the Cruiserweight show at Emo’s last Thursday.
  • I really like sleeping in. It’s been hard getting up for work before 7:20am. It’s not that I lack motivation. I just like being in my bed.
  • I taught my first sewing lesson on Saturday. One of my hot chicks
    wanted to build some skills in addition to getting some Sassy Britches.
  • Do not iron when you are a) angry and b) tired and hungry. Friday I was working in my sewing room when I was suffering from “b”. I ended up burning the fabric when I hemmed the pants. They are now a little shorter than I had intended them to be.


  • Spinsta: I am about to embark on another Sassy Britches sew-a-thon. I have orders for 8 pairs of pants now. I also have some alterations to do.
  • Websites: nothing right now.
  • Sewing: I finished my awesome plaid pants (they are a little shorter than I planned due to accidental burnage). I am almost finished with the shirt I was making. I have redrafted my favorite pattern on pattern tracing fabric.

Hunt for Happiness week

According to the stack of receipts I sorted through this weekend, the fabric store would be my happy place. Sewing in general actually. That is why I have decided to start doing alterations (mainly hemming) in addition to making pants.

What did I learn this past week?

  • I learned that more people wear the same size pants as me. hosted the Hot Pants for Hot chicks happy hour this weekend. I now have 7 pairs of pants to make.
  • I learned what walking foots are for. Check out the cool instructions and videos here.


  • Sewing: I finished a skirt and I need to hem 2 pairs of pants. I still have 2 shirts to finish. I am also in the process of repairing my favorite pattern (I am redrafting it on a stronger material).
  • Website: Nothing new.