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National independent retailers week

So I am working on this whole “starting my own business” thing. Super easy but slightly risky. Lucky for me I have my dad and a good financial advisor to keep me informed. So what did I learn this week? So many business related things. The Small Business Advisor Guide is now on my to […]

National Creative Frugality Week

It is totally my week. And as a special thank you to my dollar stretching, I have been rewarded with the Hancock Fabrics 50% off notion sale on Friday-Saturday. I will be roaming the store Supermarket Sweep style collecting notions which will hold me until the next sale in July or August). So, what did […]

Hunt for Happiness week

According to the stack of receipts I sorted through this weekend, the fabric store would be my happy place. Sewing in general actually. That is why I have decided to start doing alterations (mainly hemming) in addition to making pants. What did I learn this past week? I learned that more people wear the same […]