Minority Enterprise Development Week

I recently thanked my mom and dad for raising me and my sister to be the adaptive people that we are. Some people just don’t have what it takes to “make it happen.” I may not be book smart but I often appear to be. It’s because I can think fast on my feet and I am not afraid to go in search of answers. There is a downside to this fast thinking, make it happen ability. I am pretty stubborn and impatient.

What did I learn this past week?

  • Guitar Lesson #4: I learned how to re-string a guitar, more scales, and how to use a pick.
  • The PCL has the back issues of Threads Magazine that I need to finish my research project.
  • I sat through most of a football game on Saturday. I was reminded why I don’t really like football. The game takes FOREVER. The upside was meeting some new people.


  • Sewing: I am still working on those board shorts. The carpenter pants are done. I was drafted to make tournament grade beanhole bags. I need to get back to the suit project that I abandoned.
  • Spinsta: Still working on that class curriculum
  • Websites: Does redesigning my myspace page count?
  • Soul Cleansing: I have given up on my quest to be less bitchy at work. I am going to try and focus on the tollerance challenge. It is way more important.

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