Out with the old in with…

…something slightly different.

During our team retreat, my boss asked each of us what our goal for 2008 was. The best answer was from one of my self-appointed mentors. She said that she wanted to find her motivation. I guess the same goes for me on this site. Why should I keep going? You know I don’t really care if anyone out there is reading this.

I thought about switching gears completely. I went as far as Googling “blog ideas” and came up with this list. The fact that I went there, depressed me. No worries, I didn’t click on anything.

Since the beginning I was focused on things I’ve learned and things I am doing. I never really focused on what I want to do. In the effort to keep myself on track, I think that should be the focus. I haven’t decided the frequency of my updates. I am thinking that Sunday morning would be convenient for me.

The other sites will be maintained on there usual sporadic basis. Whenever and whatever.

Your content provider – Jen

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